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Do you have something to say? A concept or product to promote? Good story-telling can reach your audience, moving them to action. Script-writing is the heart of translating a story into a visual message of influence. If you have a great story to tell, we'll turn that into a creative shooting script... with or without storyboards and production art.

Pre-production Planning

The best of intentions don't always get the desired results. Good planning can make all the difference in the outcome.
We have the experience to put together a complete production plan for your vision. We can find the right actors, locations, and props. We provide detailed schedules and script breakdowns. If you have the vision, we'll make the plan.

Editing Your Masterpiece

Editing film and video is our specialty! We take raw or stock footage and turn it into a compelling, motion story that can reach the right audience.
We edit nearly any digital format and output the final to the web, to DVD, to videotape, or to other digital medium. We use the powerful and versatile Apple® Final Cut Pro® as our primary editing tool.

Event Production

If you have an event that needs to be captured on video, we provide full production services in High Definition (HD) video.
DV Event Production
Our crew goes on-location, with experts in video lighting, videography, and sound recording. We add Steadicam® and multi-camera coverage for the best creative results.

Audio Mixing & Creation

Audio Mixing
We take pride in finding or creating custom music and sound effects for your production. We then expertly mix those with multiple tracks of dialog and background. We'll sweeten it all and produce a final composite mix in mono, stereo, or full surround sound at your request.

Motion Titling

Motion Titling
First impressions are formed in the first 30 seconds. On a film or video production, that generally includes the opening titles. Simple titles will sometimes do. However, titles that fly and morph and transform before the eyes can add memorable dazzle to any production. We specialize in the creation of layered, moving titles that leave impressions.

Compositing & Special FX

Compositing and FX
Some of the most creative commercials and media projects are completely digital. That is, there are no live sets or on-location shooting involved in their creation. Instead, the visuals are fully invented within computers. At other times, live action is composited with virtual sets or fully digital components. If your production needs green screen, layered composites, or creative special effects, you've come to the right place!

Specializing in post-production using Apple®
Final Cut Pro X
® and Motion®

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Unleashing our creative genius on your film, video, & digital media projects!